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Things you need to know about Mugshot removal from a professional…Attorney Shon Douctre.

Shon Douctre Arrest and Mugshot information

Attorney Shon Douctre is a licensed Florida Attorney.  Prior to learning useful and cheaper methods for Mugshot removal, Mr. Douctre founded his own criminal defense firm called Private Counsel, LLC, a private law office, with sections dedicated to DUI and CRIMINAL DEFENSE.  Defending persons charged with DUIs has long been Mr. Douctre’s passion and he is fondly called “the Duke of DUI” among peers, the DHSMV, and many of his clients.

In defending so many good people over the years since 2002, Mugshot postings has become an increasing concern for his clients and for the general public at large.  No one seems to care about a Mugshot until it happens to them!  However, no one is immune from being arrested and YOU could be next.

Over the years more and more private websites are popping up to capitalize on the misfortune of people who have been arrested; wrongfully or otherwise.  Once upon a time, a person just needed an expungement/sealment attorney to repair their record, now they need a “Mugshot removal attorney” too!  Times have certainly changed.

This Mugshot posting epidemic just seems to be getting worse each year for a person arrested for anything at all.  Coming face to face with an ever growing problem, Attorney Shon Douctre set out to offer a solution to his clients and the general public to combat this growing national problem.

This was one of the reasons why MUGSHOTREMOVALATTORNEY.COM was founded.  In addition, since no other lawyer was really stepping forward to inform people in such a comprehensive way with this issue, Mr. Douctre set out to be the first and pave the way.  Attorney Douctre also owns the sister site MUGSHOTREMOVALLAWYER.COM too.  Both websites are jointly dedicated to one thing – Mugshot removal and giving the public as much useful Mugshot removal information as possible from a lawyer’s prospective.

Being the first real attorney to take charge of this situation in this manner makes Shon Douctre a unique Mugshot removal attorney, if you will, in Florida.  You see, there is no legal title as a “mugshot removal attorney,” rather that is internet search jargon for attorneys who seeks to offer assistance in this realm.  Mr. Douctre is dedicated to providing useful Mugshot removal information together with legal services (if desired/needed) for his clients. If hired to sue, Mr. Douctre will use what he learned in Federal and State courtrooms over the years to represent your best interests against any unlawful party who is using your mugshot while also jointly expunging your Florida criminal records (if eligible).  Each are separate problems and require a different approach. His goal is to assist you in your effort to remove your mugshot as soon as possible after arrest.


Please call his law office at 407-849-2949 (Orlando, FL) for more information on how he can assist you with your objectives and more information about deleting your Mugshot.  Please view his Consultation and Pricing pages for more information of fees and costs.

Problems Mugshots Cause People – Arrested?  Mugshot?  Shon Douctre wants to help you.

Having your Mugshot posted is a traumatic and embarrassing experience for most people.  Attorney Douctre knows how you feel and can empathize with your situation.  He truly knows what a big problem an arrest and Mugshot can present for people.

Not only are these Mugshot websites harming people’s reputations, but any twisted person can Google  you and then simply download your Mugshot for illegal and unethical purposes.  From cyberstalkers to acquaintances, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends to co-workers, or even employers, people just cannot seem to resist using a victim’s Mugshots for dastardly reasons.  For example, a person can use your Mugshot to try and “anonymously” embarrass you, get you fired, harm your reputation in the community, or even interrupt your employment opportunities or advancement.  The sick people who do this sort of thing needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Attorney Douctre wants to help you and is prepared to do everything in his power to that end.

With the Internet growing each and every day, someone needs to stand tall and fight to try and solve this growing internet problem.  Attorney Shon Douctre wants to use his many years of legal experience, the law, his firm, and his legal training to help bring anyone who uses another person’s mugshot to prey and extort another to justice.

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News: Mugshot Removal Scams

Mugshot websites claim they are protected by the “First Amendment” in that the information contained on the site is originally gained from public records.  This is true….to an extent.  A person’s mugshot is only on the jail’s website for the brief time while the person is in the facility.  As well, not all jails have websites that post pictures of their current inmates.  Those jails that do have websites are the foundation and start of the problem.  So, the longer a persons sits in jail, the greater the likelihood for a person’s image to be copied (or scraped) from the jail’s website and pasted into the various private companies databases/sites for profit.

For example, under Florida DUI law, a person must sit in jail for at least eight hours after arrest (drunk or not) prior to being released, even if they have their bond posted immediately.  For other charges, the duration a person sits in jail can be much shorter.  The key is to post bond/bail as soon as possible to limit the chances your mugshot gets leaked out to the internet.  Once your mugshot gets copied to any new media website or private mugshot site, chaos ensues.  Furthermore, the longer you do not take action to delete the mugshot, the greater the probability your image gets shared from site to site through the “mugshot site community” and among stalkers.

Privately owned mugshot websites will usually then charge you to “unpublish” fee to simply delete your material from their website.  This can get very expensive, so Attorney Douctre sought to find a more inexpensive approach.  While presently there are no laws to prevent this in the State of Florida, something needs to be done.  Attorney Douctre is of the position that legislation needs to be enacted and/or case law made to protect the victims of Mugshot posting and removal sites.  This needs to be done to prevent Mugshot sites from keeping a person’s image (and charges) after the company is expressly told to take it down and delete it by the person or his/her legal representative.

While this “method” of getting money from people upsets those affected, it is still legal in most states because the sites make decisions as to which mugshots to include and which to unpublish.  Unpublishing is another major problem because even when the mugshot is “unpublished,” Google (and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc.) may still have the page link or image indexed for days later.  Consequently, until the mugshot information becomes stale, the page link is cached and still pops up upon a search of the Mugshot victim’s name.  The only difference is that the mugshot image does not appear once deleted from the page by the webmaster.   Thus, even paying a site to remove your mugshot, may not delete all information about the arrest as fast as one may like.  More needs to be done after the mugshot is removed to remove the dead link pages.

With the ever growing number of predator Mugshot sites and crazy cyberstalkers out there, time is of the essence.  Mr. Douctre has the knowledge to represent you in this subject area.  Your first phone call upon release from jail should be to a Mugshot Arrest Attorney - specifically Attorney Shon Douctre.

An even bigger scam is that some of the internet removal companies are committing fraud.  While many are legit businesses (call for a list), many are the actual owners of the mugshot sites themselves!  Thus, a person is paying these companies thousands of dollars to delete a picture from their very on site that they jointly own.  These fraudulent companies make multiple mugshot posting sites and then make a fake ”Internet” mugshot removal company/site that advertises a monthly or flat fee to remove Mugshots and restore ones internet reputation.  Sometimes both the Mugshot Poster and the Mugshot Remover are one in the same.  You will never know.  Furthermore, sometimes they take down a mugshot and then create a new site under a different name and populate it will all their other sites images to “double dip” and get the victim to pay a second time!  This is clearly a fraud on the public and is actionable in not only civil court but perhaps under the criminal RICO statutes too.  This type of  internet scam is deplorable and needs to be stopped.  See also my Criminal Information Page

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How to Remove a Mugshot


Delete my mugshot

There are many lawful ways to remove a mugshot, but all involve time, effort, some amount of investment, and sometimes State and/or Federal litigation.  Attorney Douctre is a bar member of the Middle District of Florida’s Federal Court in Orlando and is not afraid of bringing suit to unlawful companies or persons regardless of where they are located.  Everyone of Mr. Douctre’s clients share a common problem (ie. a mugshot posted of them), but each have different situations that can affect how difficult it may be to delete their images and charge information.  For instance: the type of charges one was arrested for plays a factor, one’s past criminal history, the jurisdiction of the charges, the ultimate case outcome, what site(s) the image(s) appears, how many sites the image(s) appears, and the age the arrest all matter in forming a quote to represent you.  In addition to deleting your Mugshot, you should also consider an expungement if your qualify.

Shon Douctre Mugshot Lawyer

If you would like a thorough examination of how much it would cost for Attorney Shon Douctre – Mugshot lawyer - to represent you in a civil action, write a letter on your behalf, or just answer your questions and give you self help tips, please call him at 407-849-2949 for a consultation. The fee for the consultation is a flat $300 and it will provide you with “how to” mugshot deletion information and a quote of how much he would charge you to accomplish your given objectives.   Even if you cannot afford his services, you may still gain useful information that you can use yourself to try and fix your situation yourself.

“Knowledge is power.”

Attorney Shon Douctre

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